Spatial Asset Management Platform

GIPSpatial is an integrated mapping application platform developed by GIPS. It utilizes spatial maps and open GIS technology to meet users' cartographic needs in building management, spatial allocation management, public pipelines, indoor facilities, and other business operations. It is suitable for institutions such as schools, government agencies, medical campuses, and large factories.

Open-source technology architecture

GIPSpatial is a mapping platform that integrates Open GIS technology. Whether it's the database or the geographic information software, you don't have to bear the basic licensing fees required by commercial software. We provide multiple functional modules to meet the diverse needs of our customers, ensuring that every investment our customers make can fully realize its value.

Enhancing internal management/decision-making efficiency within the enterprise

GIPSpatial's spatial mapping platform provides enterprises with a more intuitive and efficient way of inventorying and managing resources. The platform supports the integration of spatial perspectives, allowing business owners to make decisions and analyze data in a visual manner. This helps them gain a better understanding of their internal resources, ultimately improving decision-making efficiency and accuracy.

Rich deployment experience and successful implementations

GIPSpatial has been implemented in various domestic universities, medical institutions, and other enterprises, accumulating rich experience over time. With the support of GIPS's professional consulting team, we can assist clients in rapidly assessing their current situations and implementing the system.

GIPSpatial Functions

Integrated map platform

Building management module

Indoor space management module

Land asset management

Public pipeline management

Indoor pipeline valve management

Indoor fire facility management

Navigation map platform module

Equipment inspection management

IoT data map

Application Areas

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